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Angled close up of a Freedom Wellness CBD original flavor organic snuff can with top and front labels showing and a total content of 250mg CBD. Black 1.2oz can with 250 mg of CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD Herbal Snuff: Original 1.2 Oz / 250 mg

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Freedom Wellness Original flavored snuff will satisfy your desire for the classic dip you crave. This is our best selling dip with a fabulous CBD Kick. Every can has over $20 worth of CBD and there is no tobacco tax! Buy in bulk and save more!

Copenhagen people trying to quit dipping tobacco can gradually mix more and more of this tobacco-free dip / chew into what they use now until they have migrated off the tobacco product completely and enjoy the health benefits the rest of their lives. 

Being dippers and former dippers we know how hard it is to quit using tobacco and customers have confirmed what we already know... if your going through trying to quit your dip you might as well enjoy CBD while your doing it. Even if your not quitting, our dip with a CBD kick is great standalone, or as mix to get that CBD kick.  

The pack and flavor this product provides are superior to other smokeless tobacco products.

Our proprietary snuff recipe, combined with our high-quality THC-free (0.0%) CBD oil, makes it easy to "Cope" without nicotine. The ring that is worn into your back pocket will be in good company with Freedom Wellness' Original flavor!

This healthy and authentic tasting dietary supplement is the very best gift you can give a loved one that chews!

The original never felt this good!

Suggested Use: Pinch the desired amount of product from the can and place it in your mouth between lip and gums.

Ingredients: Tea, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil (THC Free), water, Sodium Bicarbonate, salt, glycerin, molasses, honey, propylene glycol, ammonium carbonate with natural and artificial flavors.

If we are sold out online, we apologize, but our products can also be found at many local convenience stores nationwide.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.