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See why so many Distributors and Retailers are choosing to set up a Wholesale account with Freedom Wellness:

0.0% THC: Security for Business & Safety for Customers (People and Animals).

THC Free means legal security for our wholesalers, their stock, and the safety of their customers. Freedom Wellness performs additional remediation processes that other brands do not. We do this to ensure our products contain 0.0% THC and do not produce a high or create problems with drug testing.

Made in the U.S.A.: Support U.S. Jobs & Quality Standards.

According to Consumer Reports, almost 80% of customers say they would rather buy a domestic product than an imported one*. Our wholesale partners support U.S. jobs, and their customers know it when they see “Made in the U.S.A.” on our labels. Our farming, testing, manufacturing, and distribution are all done domestically and meet or exceed U.S. standards.

That said, our two beauty products are an exception to our 100% domestically manufactured product line. South Korea is the epicenter for producing high-end beauty products in the world, and when our customers expressed interest in CBD based beauty products, we chose to have our beauty products made there. It is important to note, while the base of our beauty products are made in South Korea, the CBD used in the products is still grown, extracted, and tested in the U.S.A., ensuring these products maintain all U.S. standards.

Broad Spectrum Products: Don’t Be Fooled, Isolate Oil is Nothing Special.

Other CBD companies advertise Isolate Oil products as premiere products when in reality they are cheaper products. Our Broad Spectrum oil-based products contain additional healthy compounds that enhance the CBD molecule and its benefits. Freedom Wellness provides wholesome “entourage effect” products any wholesaler’s CBD savvy customer is looking for.

Highest Quality Standards: Quality Assurance Leads to Happy Customers.

One of the leading factors in customer dissatisfaction is lack of product quality. Freedom Wellness makes all of our products in a commercial kitchen with qualified manufacturers so our wholesalers can rest assured knowing our CBD products maintain the consistency and quality their customers want.

Seed 2 Sale: We Are Engaged at Every Level.

We have strong relationships with all parties involved in the making of Freedom Wellness products to ensure Quality.

Test Results for Each Batch: No Guess Work for You or Your Customers.

Other companies on the market share test results for their products but not all show test results for every batch they make. We label every individual product with a QR code linking to its specific cannabinoid content test result. These accurate 3rd party test results mean your customers can see precisely what CBD, THC, and other molecules our products contain before they purchase them.

Strategic Product Selection: We’ve Already Made the Tough Choices for You!

After analyzing the CBD market, we only produce flavors and products that we are confident will be a hit among your customers.

Not Convinced yet? Once your business is approved for a wholesale account, below are just a few of the additional benefits your company will receive:

Protected Pricing:

Structured pricing gives all Freedom Wellness wholesale partners substantial discounts to general public pricing. Our pricing was developed to protect both our distributors and retailers. 

Better Discounts:

Exclusive access to additional discounts and special promotions not available to the public.

Enhanced Shipping Options:

All Freedom Wellness customers receive free standard shipping with their purchase of $100 or more, but we provide our wholesale partners with more advanced shipping options.

B2B Portal Access:

Gain access to a password-protected information on our site to see additional information about our products not available to the general public. 

Net Terms for Distributors that Qualify:

Net 10 Terms may be offered to select customers through our credit approval process.  

Terms and Conditions Optimized for Wholesalers:

We have taken great care to craft terms and conditions that meet the needs of wholesales as well as the various types of retailers and welcome further input on how they can be improved.