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Our CBD Agriculture

A lot of CBD companies collect hemp from industrial hemp farms they may hardly know. Since our mission at Freedom Wellness is focused on delivering the highest standard cannabinoid (CBD) products on the market, we knew we had to differentiate ourselves from other companies. We had to find a farm we knew and trusted to ensure the quality of our products. Today we are very proud to be partnering with close family friends that have worked in agriculture for over 40 years. Our passion for standards paired with their knowledge of farming, ranching, and horticulture is a perfect match. Working together to grow the highest quality crop of Oregon Agricultural hemp consistently, is the backbone of Freedom Wellness.

When we say this farm is ‘high-quality’ we are talking about much more than the hemp crop. Our partners are extremely educated, passionate, and mindful about the environment they cultivate in as well as the hemp they produce.

Our hemp partners are working to develop better water conservation strategies, a more abundant wildlife habitat, clean air solutions, and a carefully sculpted soil biology. All of these individual factors paired with the farm’s unique bioregion, come together to help the plants thrive and produce a flower with a superior full spectrum cannabinoid system. 

Hemp crops are very similar to vineyards in that climate, water, and soil all play an essential role in the plant’s growth. The way these variables interact with the plants over time will determine the quality of the end product. Our partner’s farm is located in a region of Oregon where all of these factors are ideal for the hemp plant.

The farm is nestled in between two mountain ranges to form a unique bioregion. These mountains act as a shelter for extreme weather and create a mild environment for the hemp to grow. In winter the farm is protected from heavy snowfall, and in summer this region stays cooler. The mountains, created long ago by volcanic activity, also play a role in the farm’s soil content. There is a rich mixture of alluvial soil types derived from metamorphic, sedimentary, and volcanic rock.

When this unusually rich soil, fresh mountain water, and temperate climate are combined, they create an environment for the hemp plants to thrive. 

Grow Process:
While the unique bioregion where the farm is located is important, the grow processes our farmers have created, and the seeds they use are also essential for superior crop quality.

One of the processes used on the farm is natural soil treatment. A proprietary tea blend made on the farm is mixed into the bioregion’s naturally fertile soil. This treatment helps the hemp roots maximize growth and in turn maximize the plant’s yield.

In addition to biological soil treatment, our partners use organic strategies to solve pest and weed problems instead of chemical pesticides or herbicides. The farm we source from not only uses these healthier methods, but they are also actively engaged in research and development to evolve biological pest and weed management. Our hemp farmers are invested in finding more pro-active strategies through cover crops and various natural approaches.

Developing technology for water use and conservation is another key to superior crop quality. For instance, using fenced off waterways provides a natural filtration system while also preventing water acidification. Consistently developing new techniques and technologies like this will maximize water efficiency, conservation, hemp plant growth, and long-term success for the farm.

While we cannot go into detail about the proprietary strain of hemp, we can say it is known as a top-quality specimen in terms of its CBD content. As seen through testing, the strain’s genetics also proved to produce great broad-spectrum plants rich in terpenes which further establishes their high quality.