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Is CBD Safe For Pets?

The general answer seems to be “yes” if it is used as directed. CBD is a non-toxic organic compound.

Research suggests that the effects CBD could have on the endocannabinoid system in the human body also works similarly on animals. 

According to the CDC, there have been zero deaths related to CBD overdose in humans or animals. However, there are a few key things you need to pay attention to for the safest and most effective results: 

  1. Make sure the product you give your furry friend is THC-free. In some extreme cases, animals that have ingested products with THC have suffered severe medical complications and even death. All of the products we sell at Freedom Wellness, human and pet alike, are broad spectrum. Broad Spectrum means the THC has been removed to a level where it no longer shows up on our test, so you and your pet can enjoy our pet products safely.
  2. The recommended use of each pet product should be acknowledged and followed. Two animals of the same species may need different amounts depending on their weight. Even an adult and juvenile animal of the same breed could require different amounts of a certain product and not measuring the product could create less than desirable results.. 
  3. The strength of the CBD in the product is critical to acknowledge. Most human oils, edibles, and tinctures have a much higher CBD strength than a pet product and could create some undesired results if given to an animal.
  4. As anyone could experience with any substance, an allergic reaction is unlikely but possible. You should always start with a small amount of product and work your way up to the optimal amount after ensuring there is no adverse reaction.
  5. Making sure the product is pet-friendly is crucial. Human foods can be harmful to pets, and some human CBD products on the market should not be ingested by animals even if the strength and amount are appropriate

For all the reasons mentioned above we stress for the safest and most desirable results that you should only give your pets CBD products specifically designed for animals and follow the usage guidelines. As always please consult your veterinarian for for more specific information about appropriate treatment options and drug interactions.