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Is CBD Expensive?

Why is there a noticeable price variance with CBD products?


Many factors contribute to the cost of CBD enriched hemp-based products. We have compiled a list of these components for you to learn about everything involved in determining the price. 



    Hemp farming and cultivation in the US was made illegal in 1970. When this happened, and the large-scale hemp farming became nonviable in the U.S. The United States began importing hemp products from other countries such as China, to fulfill the needs for consumer hemp products.

    When the legalization of marijuana came to the US in 2009, states like Colorado took the opportunity to start growing industrial hemp again. This trend continued and by 2017 thirty-four states had industrial hemp farming operations. Hemp cultivation and sales are federally legal in the US now (as of January 1, 2019). However, because of the restricting cannabis laws set into place in the 1970s, the crops in the US are much smaller than the farms abroad.


      Products grown outside the USA have fewer restrictions on both water quality and the kind of chemicals that can be used to grow the plants. Consumers should, therefore, be cautious about consuming hemp-based products that are not grown in the USA. 

      Even if hemp products come from plants grown in the USA smart consumers know that for a product to have consistent quality it also needs to have been professionally processed, made in a regularly inspected commercial kitchen, and professionally manufactured according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMPs) not made in the back of someone’s garage.

      The quality of a CBD product can also be determined by how many of the hemp plant’s healthy compounds are included in the product and the quantity of those compounds. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of the 400+ organic compounds (phytocannabinoids terpenes and flavonoids) that can be extracted from the hemp plant to be used in various ways. A high-quality CBD product includes all of the hemp’s organic compounds, not just CBD. There are two different classifications for these high-end CBD products Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum.

      • Broad spectrum means the product contains all of the compounds except for THC.
      • Full Spectrum indicates the product will contain measurable amounts of THC, which can be a problem if you are drug tested. 

      Unfortunately, some vendors cut corners and costs in a few different ways which can result in cheaper, lower-quality, products. For example, some brands use hemp seeds instead of the hemp plant extract in their products. Hemp seeds contain nominal amounts of CBD and even less of the other healthy compounds. The products made from seeds are not likely to produce the desired result. Another tactic some businesses use to lower cost and quality is using CBD isolate. When CBD is isolated from all the other beneficial organic compounds, the health benefits of the product decreases substantially.

      While quality testing on CBD Oil products may not be foolproof because you can’t test for every unknown substance, it is still the best measure of quality available. In this era of misleading product labels, consumers should insist on being able to view quality test reports tied to any company’s batch of CBD products, so they know the contents of the product they purchased matches the label. 

      Purchasing and using hemp plant CBD products from Freedom Wellness ensures a level of quality that can be hard to find. For starters, all of our hemp is grown, extracted, and remediated in the United States. As well, starting from the grow all the way through to the remediation process, our product is tested several times for compound quality and quantity. Freedom Wellness also uses high-quality professional facilities to ensure all our products are manufactured correctly and according to US law. Lastly, to back that all up, we even make test results available for you to read that match the batch of your product.

      The technology a company implements into their products can also be a significant factor in cost. In addition to all of our CBD being sourced here in the United States, Freedom Wellness products utilizes new patent-pending technology to ensure it's products are the most effective CBD products on the market. 

      Nanoemulsion is a process where a substance is broken down into particles so small that the cells introduced to it can absorb the material more easily. This process means it will take less time and energy for the body to absorb CBD while also providing maximum bio-availability. 

      All of the bullets above are key factors in why there is so much variance in CBD product prices, but if the plants that are being used to create the products aren’t the best then the end product won’t be either.  Hemp, grown for Freedom Wellness products, has been cultivated to perfection but starts with seeds generated from a highly specialized breeding program. This technical and lengthy process has resulted in a strain of hemp with one of the highest amount of healthy compounds (like CBD) while keeping federally illegal compounds like THC below the legal limit.

      Always trust the real thing!

      Our goal is to provide the highest quality at the best possible price.