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CBD Snuff / Dip with a CBD Kick

These amazing new smokeless tobacco alternative products, were formulated by a wife of a habitual smokeless tobacco user. I am sure many of you can relate to her concern about the long-term effects nicotine could have on her loved ones which had her reeling for a viable alternative.After years of perfecting a recipe, we are excited to share her products that pack well, provide hours of authentic flavor and are superior to traditional smokeless tobacco products.

If your trying to quit dipping tobacco you NEED to being enjoying CBD while doing it and if even if your not you still need to be enjoying CBD! Some customers like to mix one of our nicotine-free products with their existing tobacco product to lower their nicotine risk and enjoy a CBD kick. 

The substrate of these products is a unique "CBD infused tea blend” chosen for its high anti-oxidant, vitamin and mineral content but it is her "secret sauce" that gives it that authentic flavor and consistency.  Our customers will enjoy all the additional benefits our proprietary (THC 0.0%) CBD oil.

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